February 4, 2011 By Jordan Miller

BreatheHeavy is featured in‘s most recent Britney article. Ch-ch-check it out:


Fans can’t seem to love Britney Spears’ choice for an album title, Femme Fatale, any more. The title for the March release evokes a mysterious, sensual woman who can easily seduce any man to do anything she needs him to do, and fans went crazy for it.

But do Britney experts agree?

Jordan Miller, who runs Britney fan site, noted that he thought it was an inspired choice from the pop star. “My initial reaction was I liked it,” he said. “I think it’s original, and it’s a little deeper than some of her previous titles. It seems like it can have more than one meaning. I thinks it’s creative.”

Get ready for the Femme Fatale to kill the competition!