E! News has learned that Britney Spears met secretly with her pal Alli Sims Friday afternoon at the Fred Segal boutique in West Hollywood.

Sources tell E! that Sims arrived at the store about 10 minutes before Britney who then tried to slip inside unnoticed. A source tells E! that Spears hatched the meet-up via text-message, reportedly instructing Sims to meet her in a dressing room there.

The stealth tactics were apparently prompted by the fact that Alli has been prohibited from seeing Britney by her father Jamie Spears due to Alli’s loyalty to Britney’s former manager and confidante Sam Lutfi. After their cloakroom confab, the pair shopped together briefly.

Later, confronted by an E! video crew outside Italian restaurant Orso on Saturday night, Sims confirmed the Fred Segal meeting with Spears. Sims told E! camera man James Sullivan that she and Britney “had fun” shopping, but Sims wouldn’t comment when asked about how Sam is doing.

Well, we know what Sam wasn’t doing. Around the same time Sims confirmed her meeting with Britney to E!, Spears was at L.A. nightclub Social with an unusual party partner: her father Jamie.

And, needless to say, no Sam in sight.

Source: Eonline.com

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