The superstar visits the only children’s hospital in Haiti.

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Beyonce’s charity, BeyGOOD, seeks to raise more money for sick children.

While the world’s media has been busy distracting you with Beyonce’s diet, the star released a video detailing her sobering trip to the sole children’s hospital in poverty-stricken Haiti.

As you might remember, five years ago Haiti was struck by a catastrophic earthquake and the third world country’s living conditions worsened more than ever.

In May this year, Beyonce visited Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital in a bid to raise awareness for the aid still sorely needed to give sick kids a chance to live.

“Funded completely through private contributions to NPH worldwide, St. Damien provides high quality medical treatment for disadvantaged and sick children in Haiti and has associated public health and community programs that reach more than 90,000 children and adults annually.”

The hospital has recently lost funding, meaning less staff and less children are able to be treated.

Beyonce uploaded a video of the time she spent interacting with young patients at the hospital:

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The BeyGOOD website provides information as to how you can help bring relief and aid to Haiti’s sick children:

Your purchase of a BeyGOOD Haiti t-shirt can help solve an urgent funding crisis with all proceeds from sales of this shirt directly aiding St. Damien in re-opening an abandoned wing and continuing to aid the people of Haiti

This isn’t the first time the media has turned a blind eye to Beyonce’s humanitarian efforts. It was discovered a few months ago that the 33-year-old singer and husband Jay Z were helping to bail out peaceful protestors wrongfully jailed during the 2014 Ferguson protests.

In 2010, Beyonce opened the Beyonce Cosmetology Center in Brooklyn. The center allows people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction to obtain a degree in cosmetology (hairdressing, makeup, styling etc) so that they have a better chance at securing employment once they are healthy again. The singer also donated her entire salary from the film Cadillac Records in order to kickstart the center.

The BeyGOOD charity t-shirt is available at this website for another three days. If you can, consider purchasing one for an amazing cause.