Beyonce’s Grammys Fashion Convinced The BeyHive She’s Contributing To The ‘Black Panther’ Soundtrack

January 31, 2018 By Jordan Miller

In case you missed it… Beyonce wore Black Panther-inspired outfits to the Grammys.

In case you missed it… Beyonce wore Black Panther-inspired outfits to the Grammys.


Hours after BreatheHeavy published this entire report about why Beyonce probably has a song on the Black Panther soundtrack, Kendrick Lamar, who’s executive producing it, revealed the tracklist and collaborators.

It does NOT feature any songs by Beyonce… Instead, fans can look forward to hearing original music from Kendrick, The Weeknd, Future, SZA, James Blake and more.

See the full tracklist below:


Nothing Beyonce does is unintentional. She knows how to get people talking, and the brilliance in how she inspires speculation usually doesn’t hit until a little while later.

Bey’s latest sneak attack? Her fashion ensembles at the Grammys on Sunday. The BeyHive believes she wore pieces that make a nod to the upcoming Black Panther film – a subtle hint that the Lemonade singer will contribute a song to the movie. There’s even a rumor she’ll make an appearance IN the film.

The clues:

Fashion look #1:
At the pre-Grammy Gala, Beyonce rocked a custom black turtleneck gown and a beret. Members of the Black Panther Party often wore black berets and turtlenecks.


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Fashion look #2

At the show, Beyonce rocked another black gown and even carried a clutch in the shape of a panther.


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Fashion look #3

Her other outfit at the Grammys featured a pair of diamond earrings in the shape of, yup, you guessed it… panthers.


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Ties to Disney

Beyonce is in the Disney family now that she’s voicing Nala in the upcoming adaptation of The Lion King. Disney owns Marvel. You see?

Kendrick Lamar is executive producing the Black Panther soundtrack:
Beyonce and Kendrick are no strangers to the studio together. They collaborated on Beyonce’s Lemonade track, “Freedom.” 

Of course, this could all just be one giant coincidence, but that would defy quantum Beychanics. It’s science!

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