Beyonce is looking to make some serious cash on the Formation tour.


“Beyoncé doesn’t do release dates.”

That’s what one insider is saying regarding when Beyonce’s forthcoming record could drop. She will undoubtedly surprise-release her new album like she did for 2013’s self-titled record which blasted to the top of the charts as a result. Even her label Columbia Records is in the dark. “For the last album, [the label] went through an 11-month fire drill starting with [Beyoncé’s 2013] Super Bowl [performance],” a source told Billboard.

The Formation tour kicks off April 27 in Miami – we imagine the album will debut around then.

Beyonce goes through great lengths to protect the songs. Days before her halftime performance at the Super Bowl, the “Single Ladies” singer rehearsed without broadcasting the music or vocals, miming the entire thing. One source noted how “strange” it was seeing her rehearsal on the Jumbotron and hearing no sound.

One thing’s for sure: Beyonce gets what she wants. She recently fired nearly her entire inner-circle and replaced them with new execs. Some believe it’s because she wants to relocate Parkwood’s New York headquarters to Los Angeles.

The upcoming tour marks the first time Beyonce’s played stadium shows minus husband Jay Z. Should she sell out the 40 scheduled shows, she could rake in $200 to $250 million, reports Billboard. That should secure plenty more surprise albums in our lifetime.

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