No Beyonce no live streams.

Beyonce’s headlining performance at Coachella set a new live-stream record on YouTube.

Nearly half-a-million people tuned into Queen Bey’s impressive two-hour Coachella performance last Saturday – 458k simultaneous viewers, to be exact.

According to TMZ, that broke every previous live-stream Coachella record since they began streaming the festival eight years ago.


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It’s worth mentioning Bey’s show saw a 75% increase over last year’s staple performance from Lady Gaga. “Telephone” promo.


Agree? Beyonce Has Surpassed Michael Jackson


So many people decided to slip into their PJs and avoid the Indio, CA, heat, that weekend one of Coachella became the most-viewed live music festival ever on YouTube with 43.1 million live stream views in 232 countries.

No Beyonce no live-streams.


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