Beyonce and JAY-Z are urging people to live a vegan lifestyle.

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Nope. Meat and dairy are too precious to me, but… I’m willing to listen if it’s coming from Beyonce. Because… Beyonce is Beyonce.

Beyonce’s longtime personal trainer, Marco Borges, published a new book titled, The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World. He offers recipes and tips for living a healthy life, and it includes an introduction from Beyonce and JAY.

“Having children has changed our lives more than anything else,” they wrote, according to People. “We used to think of health as a diet—some worked for us, some didn’t. Once we looked at health as the truth, instead of a diet, it became a mission for us to share that truth and lifestyle with as many people as possible.”

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You may recall Beyonce credits veganism for helping her get in tip-top shape leading up to Coachella.

She and Hov also launched ’22 Days Nutrition’ in 2015. It’s a 22-day meal plan consisting of foods that are fresh, organic, soy-free, vegan, and gluten-free.

It’s an interesting challenge, but what about dem gainz, bro?

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