Singer tributes 15 year anniversary of Baby Girl’s passing.

Beyonce Tributes Aaliyah With #TBT Instagram Post

RIP, Baby Girl.

Exactly 15 years ago, the world lost an R&B princess by the name of Aaliyah. Despite her short progression into the pop superstar realm, the singer’s influence on the music scene has remained in tact and her supporters are a testament to that. Just look at the praise she’s receives from rappers like Drake and pop icons like Janet Jackson. Her legacy is something that will never be forgotten and another star took it upon herself to tribute Baby ******* her deathiversary via Instagram.

On Thursday afternoon (August 25), Beyoncé took to the social media platform to share an old-school video of the two singers on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards in 2000. At the time, Aaliyah had just made her transition into the movie realm with Romeo Must Die as Beyoncé stood as the leader of the pack for Destiny’s Child. In the TBT clip, viewers see pre-show co-host Bey (Sisqo was her counterpart) interview Baby Girl about the evening festivity. Asked who she was most excited to see that night, Aaliyah gushed about D’Angelo.

As Beyoncé’s made her solo reign to the top of the charts in the mid-2000s, some argue that Aaliyah would have given Bey some stiff competition had she not passed away. Despite the fact that they’re two completely different vocal champions, Aaliyah’s talents in the dance and showmanship categories could have given Yoncé a run for her money. Let’s also not forget those whispers surrounding Aaliyah and JAY Z.

Peep the throwback interview below!

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