Beyoncé Sues Over “Feyoncé” Brand

April 6, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Beyoncé says the brand could cause her reputation “irreparable harm.”


Beyoncé isn’t looking to make a Texas bama.

The “Formation” singer is suing San Antonio, Texas-based merchandise company Feyoncé Inc. for “brazenly” selling merchandise that infringes on her copyrighted name… BEYONCÉ.

In the suit filed in Manhattan, Yonce claims the label’s name shares a likeness too close to her own trademarked name and confuses customers and fans and damages her reputation. A.K.A. mama isn’t getting a cut of the profits.

Legal papers accuse the company of “trademark infringement, unfair competition, trademark dilution, among a score of other statutory and common law violations,” the complain states. “Defendants have wilfully traded upon the goodwill and notoriety of Beyonce, arguably one of the most famous musical artists and entrepreneurs in the world.”

Beyoncé claims selling the merchandise could cause her reputation “irreparable harm.” One of the items includes a coffee mug that says “Feyoncé | He put a ring on it.”


In case you’re not following, it’s a play off of the word fiancé.

“Defendants adopted the Feyoncé mark to call to mind Beyoncé and her famous song,” the lawsuit reads. “Defendants’ conduct described herein is intentional, fraudulent, malicious, willful and wanton.” The suit also details one of the defendants tried to trademark “Feyoncé” twice – one with and one with out an accent over the “e.”

Last year, Queen Bey demanded that Etsy remove a listing of some black engagement mugs, which also played off the word ‘fiancé.’

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