Check out Bey’s showstopping VMA performance in FULL.

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Beyoncé brings her A-game to the 2016 VMAs.

Beyoncé took to the VMA stage, performing a Lemonade megamix. Featuring poetry from the record, and dressed in an all white ensemble, Beyoncé tackled a selection of tracks from Lemonade – starting with “Pray You Catch Me” and working through to “Formation.”

The performance was, in a word, iconic. Beyoncé remains relentlessly aware that she needs to constantly up her game, and the superstar certainly did that. Although the premise was similar to her Vanguard performance, the featured role of the women from her record and the interpretive dance kept the concept fresh, especially with album and performance opener “Pray You Catch Me”.

Moving from the A stage and into a black ensemble, Bey gave a vocally flawless rendition of “Hold Up” before segueing into the virally successful “Sorry”. From there, Beyoncé launched into “Don’t Hurt Yourself” – complete with a twerk interlude and fur coat. Surrounded by an impressive pyrotechnic display, her attitude and stage presence remained entirely unparalleled. From a circle of fire, the Queen Bey launched into an immaculately choreographed and still fresh “Formation”. Ending with a smirk, and a reminder that you’re that ***** when you cause all this conversation, it’d be hard to argue that any performer could top a display like that.

We can’t help but feel a little sorry for Rihanna – you’d think Beyoncé was receiving the Vanguard award all over again. All things considered, Beyoncé shut down the VMAs and reminded everyone why she has a reputation for being the badest ***** in the industry.


THEBEYONCEWORLD.COM – Lemonade Medley (MTV VMA 2016) from Fansite Freak on Vimeo.


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