The new trailer is giving us horror-movie vibes.

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Beyoncé is pulling us in.

If you haven’t cleared your schedule for April 23rd yet, DO IT NOW. Beyoncé’s album film ‘Lemonade’ is set to premiere next Saturday at 9 pm EST on HBO. A tantalizingly short teaser was previously released for the much-anticipated event. Today, Beyoncé showed us a little more.

A minute long trailer aired on HBO tonight. In typical Beyoncé fashion, the trailer is a compilation of artistic, and somewhat creepy visuals (and too few shots of Bey herself), accompanied by a deep, ambiguous voiceover.

The “Formation” singer leaves us wanting more, uttering: “The past and the present merge to lead us here.” “Why can’t you see me? You’re the love of my life.”

The trailer ends with Bey pleading: “Pull me in, pull me in, pull me in”.

If this teaser is anything to go by, it seems that Lemonade might be going in a darker direction than what Beyoncé’s done in the past.

Watch it below: