Beyonce Prepares For Saturday’s Global Citizen Fest

September 26, 2015 By Jessica

Plus Kerry Washington wants her on Scandal.


Beyonce to headline socially conscious music festival.

She made her return to the stage a few weeks ago for Made in America but Beyonce’s next festival set has an important message behind it – ending global poverty.

The Global Citizen Festival is designed to highlight serious world issues, explains the Global Director of the Global Poverty project.

“The fact that a child could die from the lack of access to a .30 cent immunization is the most extreme form of poverty. The 2012 brought attention to that for the first time here in New York City and from that we have been able to build this movement.

Other A-list acts performing at the event include Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and Pearl Jam. There are some rumours Michelle Obama and Joe Biden may even show up (probably not to perform…).

Beyonce released some sneak peeks today of her hard at work during rehearsals:


The festival will take place in Central Park in New York.

She also has a fan in TV star Kerry Washington, who wants to see the XO singer guest star on her popular drama Scandal:

It would be great to have somebody like Beyoncé on the show, because any time Beyoncé does anything, it makes the world stop, and I would just be happy. Any time I get to be in a room with her, I’m like, ‘This is great.’”

Remember when Beyonce surprise dropped her album just as the Scandal season finale wrapped up?


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