Beyonce Might Be Pregnant Again

Beyonce is probably not pregnant but it’s fun to speculate.

During their “On The Run” show this weekend in Paris, Jay-Z changed the lyrics in “Beach Is Better” and grabbed Beyonce’s belly:

From: “I replace it with another one”

To: “Cause she pregnant with another one.”

A source at OK! mag says Jay-Z’s been “fiercely protective” of Beyonce lately, “just like he was when she was expecting Blue Ivy.”

“He’s been doing everything he can to ensure that Bey is in a stress-free bubble,’ the magazine’s source continued. “He’s informed their entire entourage that they need to use relaxed voices, mellow lighting and listen to only soft music, and he’s said that all of the food Beyonce eats should be organic.”

They are so Goddamn dramatic and I love it! You know they’re sitting back and laughing their ***** off at how everyone thought they were divorcing and now this. This is why they’re billionaires and I’m a peasant.

Listen to the lyric change below:

She should name her baby Red Rose just cause.