Channing dressed as Beyonce is something you cannot unsee.


Beyonce proves she can bring the house down without even opening her mouth.

It was Tatum vs. Tatum on tonight’s episode of Lip Sync Battle, as actors (and real-life married couple) Jenna Dewan Tatum and Channing Tatum went head-to-head showing off their lip-syncing abilities.

They came out swinging, lip-syncing along to songs like “Let it Go” from Frozen and Ginuwine’s “Pony”, but it was the Magic Mike star’s second number that really stole the show.

For his last number, Channing came out in full Sasha Fierce get-up to perform Beyonce’s hit “Run the World”, complete with hair extensions and Bey’s costume from the video.

And as if that wasn’t amazing enough, halfway through the performance, the actor was joined by none other than Beyonce herself. And everyone, including Jenna and commentator Chrissy Teigen, went nuts.

The freshly announced Superbowl performer stunned the crowd by strutting on stage and performing some of her iconic “Run the World” choreography with her male alter-ego.

She didn’t do much, but she really didn’t have to.

Watch Beyonce’s show-stopping appearance here: