Beyonce and JAY Z Spotted Filming A New Music Video In Jamaica

March 22, 2018 By Jordan Miller

It appear new music from Beyonce and JAY Z is on the way!

It appear new music from Beyonce and JAY Z is on the way!

Beyonce is usually flawless when it comes to keeping her projects under wraps, but the singer’s joint tour with husband JAY Z was anything but. Same goes for their new music together.

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JAY confirmed last year he and Queen Bey did in fact start a joint album together (rumored name is Champagne), but she was laser-focused on finishing Lemonade and it never got finished.

It appears the First Lady of Music and her hubs are picking up where they left off. Fans in Jamaica spotted the pair filming what looks like a new music video together. In the clips posted on Twitter, Beyonce looks unbothered as the BeyHive recorded video of them riding a motorcycle.

Looks like we’ll get new music ahead of the On The Run II Tour, and I’m definitely not mad at it.

See what’s good below:





Beyonce filmed for a second day in Jamaica, and like day one, she was unable to keep it a secret.

Check out the new photos below:



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