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Beyonce Honors Five Police Officers Killed In Dallas: “No Violence Will Create Peace”

Beyonce paid tribute to the five policemen gunned down during a protest in Dallas on July 7.


Beyonce paid tribute to the five policemen gunned down during a protest in Dallas on July 7.

Hours before the latest gun-related tragedy to strike the nation, Beyonce posted a message to her millions of followers urging them to take action and help stop police brutality, which ended up crashing the congressional website. She also held a moment of silence at her concert to honor the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile who were senselessly killed by police.

That same night at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas, TX, a sniper identified as Micah Xavier Johnson shot at police, resulting in the death of five officers: Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael J. Smith, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa. The “Sorry” singer made it a point to honor their lives as well, posting a tribute video on Instagram which flashed the slain officers’ names.

“Rest in peace to the officers whose lives were senselessly taken yesterday in Dallas,” she wrote. “I am praying for a full recovery of the seven others injured. No violence will create peace. Every human life is valuable. We must be the solution. Every human being has the right to gather in peaceful protest without suffering more unnecessary violence. To effect change we must show love in the face of hate and peace in the face of violence.”

Johnson had materials to make bombs and rifles at his home, police say.

The suspect “wanted to kill officers” and “expressed anger for Black Lives Matter,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown said at a news conference this morning.

The police in attendance were marching with protesters.

“None of [it] makes sense,” Brown added.

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