Beyonce earns her 24th Grammy.

Queen Bey is often snubbed by the recording academy, but she took home a win at this year’s Grammy Awards.

Prior to the televised event, Beyonce won a Grammy in the Best Music Film category for her Coachella docu-concert, Homecoming. Her other three nominations are for the Lion King, including best pop vocal album (the soundtrack), and best pop solo performance & best song written for visual media (which she lost to Lady Gaga).

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  1. Often snubbed? … she has more Grammy awards then Whitney, Mariah, Madonna, Janet and Toni combined.

    Somebody was probably willing to pay more then her for the award. 😉 she does not deserve half of the ones she has.

    1. “we all know she buys awards” OMG WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE who didn’t know!! You all say it so confidently… And I can’t stand Beyoncé, so I’m surprised I wasn’t aware of this haha

        1. Not only bought but sometimes “given” not by merits, but as like an X Deal with artists or because of good will. I’m pretty sure some people know what or who exactly I’m talking about but at the risk of getting dragged, i’ll stop myself. 😂

      1. Is the Beyhive aware of this? I mean if so I’m sure it’s a subject they wouldn’t like to talk about or even admit in public (in that case it would be like the Army admitting that Britney recorded only half of “Britney Jean”; it’s an ugly truth), but I would still like to hear it from them to make sure it’s true.

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