Beyoncé Gets Petty With Etsy

Cause she’s no angel either, baybeh.

Oh, Beyoncé. You’ve encountered your share of detractors throughout your career. Most recently, there was politician Mike Huckabee. Once upon a time, there was Destiny’s Child castoff LeToya Luckett. Plus, who can forget the liquify app on your cell phone? But did you really have to (legally) come for Etsy? Yes, I’m referring to the crafty website that sells a bunch of nifty trinkets, including this pretty amazing Britney prayer candle.

Read about Bey’s legal demand after the cut:

According to a new report by TMZ, Queen Bey has demanded that the artsy fartsy site remove the listing of some black engagement mugs, which play off the word fiancé and read: Feyoncé (with an image of a diamond above the o.) Why? Well, apparently B thinks that the term sounds a little too much like her name, and she’s not racking in any coin$ for them.

Beyoncé’s lawyers threatened to sue the website, so they caved and removed the mugs. However, Etsy still has even a ton of Feyoncé items available for sale, including t-shirts, necklaces and hats. Oh my!

You can have several seats over there, Bey.

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