Who run the world?

Beyonce is laying low right now because she’s quietly working on a followup to 2016’s Lemonade. According to a new report from The Sun, the new LP will drop (probably unannounced) this summer.

A source tells them she’s not focusing on her and JAY-Z’s marital drama (what’s left to say?). Instead, she wants female empowerment anthems. The Sun’s spy says she’s completed three “killer” tracks already, and describes them as “fierce dance floor fillers.”

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I’m assuming the report is true, because it’s fathomable at least a handful of songs on Bey7 are “Single Ladies” 2.0 bangers, but also anyone with actual knowledge of Beyonce’s new tunes certainly aren’t speaking to The Sun. Not only have they signed their lives away with ironclad NDAs, but they’re probably locked up in her basement with Sia for safe measure.

That’s not all. There’s buzz Beyonce is featured on five songs off the soundtrack for the forthcoming remake of The Lion King, including “Circle Of Life,” “Shadowland,” “Searching At The Stars,” “Cry Of The Pride Lands” and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.”

Gay clubs this summer gon be lit.

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