Beyonce says she wanted it to be “something iconic and something that people would never forget.”


Ahead of her Super Bowl performance on Sunday, Beyonce takes a moment to reflect.

The “Single Ladies” singer successfully shoved Coldplay, the game’s actual headliner, aside and made Sunday’s performance about her. No shade, we applaud that.

In a new interview with CBS that aired Saturday night, Beyonce remembers gearing up for her solo performance in 2013. “It’s one of those magical performances you can’t recreate,” she tells CBS. “I wanted it to be something iconic and something that people would never forget.”

Hamish Hamilton, who directed the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show, says “working with Beyonce is interesting. She can be a very benevolent dictator, she can also be a wonderful collaborator” He adds, “through the process you meet both sides. She has such ambition to be perfect, to be the best that you just get swept up along in that.”

She performed iconic hits that included “Crazy in Love,” “Single Ladies” and her power ballad “Halo” before Destiny’s Child aced “Bootylicious” and “Independent Women.”

“It’s always important for me to be a strong woman,” Beyonce says. “There haven’t been that many women that have done Super Bowl halftime shows — I had to hold it down for the ladies.”

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