Ok Mickey now let’s get in formation.

I hate when people say “Beyonce’s Lion King,” but where are the lies?

After only two weeks, the film has grossed almost a billion dollars worldwide. One of the biggest power plays was casting Beyonce as Nala, and according to a new report from The Sun (take it with a grain of salt), Disney execs want to capture her magic, err lemonade in a bottle. They’re reportedly willing to give Queen Bey “free rein” to produce more films under the Disney umbrella.

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“She is producing projects with Parkwood Entertainment but Disney bosses would like her to do the same for them in a partnership that would make her millions,” their source says.

“The conversations are ongoing but it’s an exciting proposition.”

Not only is Beyonce starring(?) in the No. 1 movie in the world, but the soundtrack she executive produced for the film, The Gift, is the No. 1 album worldwide as well.

Next up: Frozen, starring Beyonce. Lilo & Stitch starring Beyonce as Lilo and Stitch. Moana, starring Beyonce as Moana.

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