Beyoncé Covers FLAUNT Magazine

September 9, 2015 By Nick

See the singer’s stunning shoot.


Mrs. Carter becomes the new CALIFUK queen in new FLAUNT Magazine spread

Just days after gracing the stage once again at the Made In America Festival, Beyoncé’s spread in the new issue of FLAUNT Magazine has hit the net, and she looks incredible. The magazine declares Beyoncé as the new queen of a custom city they created, dubbed CALIFUK, which they describe as “place-making and cultured fissure.” Let’s be real though, they just wanted to declare Beyoncé a queen in a professional matter.

There she sits, unwilling at the moment to invite distraction of the fundamental mission of her rule: to shape culture, to inspire the hip parade as well as the fringe, to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, to drop filthy, filthy tracks on this swelling, warring, cap-melting planet. To make an impact.

The shoot, photographed by Robin Harper, shows the entertainer wearing a golden Texas necklace while looking elegant within multiple natural settings, including a pool and a haystack. The most jaw-dropping part of the photo shoot has to be the Moschino-esque ******* set that simply state “Baby Got Back.” The shoot looks like something that came straight out of 2008 during Beyoncé’s I Am… Sasha Fierce era, which proves how youthful and beautiful she remains to be.

Check out the spread below, as well as a list of words that Beyoncé correlates together (Celebrities:Bi-Polar; Iconic:Over Used).

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