Beyonce had her eyes on “Fall In Line” before it eventually dropped in to Xtina’s lap.

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The click bait is REAL. According to the song’s producer, Jon Bellion, Queen Bey actually didn’t want it for herself – she had plans to scoop it up for her signed Parkwood artists Chloe x Halle.

On one of Bellion’s new tracks titled “Adult Swim” off his album, Glory Sound Prep, the hitmaker raps about his insecurity on giving it to Xtina over Bey.

The fear is real, valid.

Yeah, pick up the phone and someone tells me, “Mr. Bellion, sir
Beyoncé on the line, she tryna reach you on your cellular”
She wanted “Fall In Line,” but we gave it to Aguilera, uhh
I hope it’s the right decision, Bey wanted it for the twins she signed
I hope I didn’t burn that bridge, I worry all the time
I’m just tryna show these kids about this slight of mine

Smart move, Bellion. Legend X and Demi deserved that track over Chloe x Halle. Good luck ever getting a gig with Beyonce though hehhhh.

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