B ain’t as sly this time around.

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The rumors were true: Beyoncé has been spotted filming a visual for her next album.

In 2013, she filmed an entire album’s worth of music videos without the world knowing (besides when “XO” caused a frenzy at a theme park) but this time she’s been caught out and snapped on-set.

The singer was pictured filming the reported music video for her upcoming single at Sony Pictures studios in Los Angeles earlier this week, lip syncing in front of a red backdrop on top of a building.

Beyhive Twitter went crazy when pictures leaked of Bey free-falling from said building but, of course, it’s a stunt double. You really think she’d ruin a good weave and face beat like that? No, no, no (pt. II.)

Anyway, the video looks like a fairly high-budget affair. Will this be Beyoncé’s “Toxic” after all these years?

Nah, Britney did her own stunts. It’s probably just a Pepsi commercial.

Who’s excited for Beyoncé’s return?