Queen Bey continues to prove why she’s the best performer out right now.

Just give Beyoncé a stage and a microphone and she’s ready to go. The “Crazy In Love” singer was a surprise performer at the Stevie Wonder: Songs In the Key of Life – An All-Star Grammy Salute show that aired last night, and what a great surprise it was.

Beyoncé ran a near-10 minute medley to give honor to Stevie Wonder by performing his songs “Fingertips,” “Master Blaster,” and “Higher Ground.” Ed Sheeran, aka that random ginger from the UK that’s topping the charts all of a sudden, and Gary Clark Jr. aided in this medley with their vocals and guitars to give it an even better boost of energy.

It’s not surprising that after all of this time Beyoncé can still put on an amazing performance. She’s very versatile with her skills and knows how to bring energy to a show! Rolling Stone says she “set the bar high” with her performance for the night, and I’m almost positive no one else that night was as on-par as she was.

Watch the incredible, energy-driven performance by the Illuminati performance queen below.