Are the two pop divas cooking up something together?


Yes, I would like a little honey with my lemonade, please.

At the Heartview Foundation‘s charity gala night in L.A. in February, Beyonce and Mariah Carey posed for a picture together. It sparked rumors the two pop divas were collaborating together on a project, but now that Beyonce’s Lemonade has dropped with no collaboration between the two in sight, what is all the commotion about?

According to iHeart, director Diane Martel, who crafted music videos for both of the iconic singers including Mimi’s “I All Want For Christmas Is You” and “Heartbreaker (Remix)” and Beyonce’s “Listen,” reportedly posted on her private Instagram account she has something in the works between the two of them.

“Working with these two on something special can’t wait to show u all!,” Martel captioned the semi-recent photo of the two.


If it was a remix of “Sorry” where they’re harping on Jay Z and Nick Canon… I wouldn’t hate.

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