UPDATE: The album could drop in Quarter 4.


UPDATE // SEPTEMBER 20: Hits Daily Double is speculating Beyonce and Jay Z’s joint album will drop in Quarter 4 via Columbia (they insist it won’t be a Tidal exclusive).

UPDATE // AUGUST 22: Where there’s smoke… there’s fire! New details have emerged surrounding Beyonce and Jay Z’s joint album reportedly titled Champagne, a continuation on Lemonade.

According the ever-reliable fan Twitter account @TheBeyHiveTeam, the new collaborative project centers around “Marriage Counseling. Tennis Courts. Mansion. Therapy. Battle. Screaming. Accusations. Regret. Trust Issues. Celebrity.” They add it’s another visual album film.

They wouldn’t elaborate too much, but did share lyrics from two different songs.

“Young BB. They hate to see me. Collect my rent from these chicks. Pass it off to my baby….. Blue.” ??? #IRS #WhereMyMoney

“Hello…Hello….If you’re looking for me, look up! I”m DRONING! …Flying by all you *******…Skyin high.” (Prod. by Tricky & Dream) ?

Check them out below:

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They also add Bey will have something historical planned for her performance at the VMAs this Sunday (August 28).


If you’re thirsty for some more Lemonade, you’re in luck.

We’ve known about the highly anticipated joint-album between Beyonce and Jay Z for several years, but a 2016 release date could be in our future.

There’ve been signs for a while.

Producer Detail (“Drunk In Love”) confirmed in early 2015 he was collaborating with the power couple, saying “me and Beyoncé and Jay Z are actually doing something this year… When you think of Bey and Jay together, you think ‘album’… You should already know!”

Another producer by the name of Glass John, who played a part in Rihanna’s ANTi album, Tweeted fans he desperately wanted in on Bey and Jay’s record.

And then there was entrepreneur and renowned industry source DJ Skee who also spoke of the joint album which he claimed would get an exclusive release on TIDAL.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and the BeyHive is lighting it up.

They’re unofficially confirming the album’s existence today (July 21), but how can we know for sure?

While it’s not from Beyonce’s mouth, her fans have accurately predicted a number of top-secret projects that turned out true… this year’s Super Bowl performance, Project Lemonade and the Formation Tour announcement are just a few that the Hive reported on Twitter first.

There’s also rumblings Jay Z is recording a Lemonade response.

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