Super power?

A new report from The Sun about Beyonce’s Lion King album, The Gift, is causing quite the roar. They claim the album only sold 949 physical copies and deem it a flop.

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Queen Bey, who was reportedly paid $25 million to voice Nala in the film, is featured on most of the album, including “Spirit,” “Bigger” and “Find Your Way Back” (a bop).

Naturally, the Internet is sinking its teeth into Beyonce for the numbers (cue the ‘wait for Tidal’s streaming numbers!’ jokes now), but the 949 copies is taking into account physical downloads only, and we live in a world where music consumption is predominantly streaming.

Here are a few figures to knock the 949:

On Spotify, “Spirit” has amassed more than 10 million streams. The music video has more than double that with 22 million plays. One of the other soundtrack songs, “Mood 4 Eva,” has 7 million+ streams. “Brown Skin Girl” has nearly 6 million plays.

The 949 in physical sales is less of a reflection on Beyonce’s artistry and music influence and more of a symptom of how people listen to music in 2019. But, the headline brought you here now didn’t it?

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