Take a break from pop music for a moment and feast your eyes on country music’s fastest rising superstar.

Pop music lovers! Take a break away from the #Jelena and Britney Spears for a moment and feast your eyes on country music’s fastest rising superstar. Her name is Cam, and if you’re already familiar with her then you’re in for a treat! And if you’re not, definitely continue reading. 

The singer-songwriter is responsible for some of your favorite pop cuts, including writing for Miley Cyrus & Sam Smith, among others, but she’s giving her own singing career some well-deserved TLC.

Cam kicked off The Best Coast Tour this week following a performance in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. She sang her new tune, “Diane,” which Cam described to BreatheHeavy.com as “hilariously wicked.” Why? Because the song is an honest take on infidelity. Not exactly the the subject most families want to talk over turkey and mashed potatoes. Well played, Cam.

Plus, “Diane” is a HIT. One play and you’ll understand.

The singer drew from a real life experience on it. She revealed it was about good friends of hers, but re-wrote the story to where the other woman was remorseful and honest. “I made it so that I’m other woman,” she says. “And I become the right thing. I wish she hadn’t lied. I wish when she found out she told the truth and then apologize.” She adds: “It’s not like you’re looking for, ‘oh woe is me!’ It’s just two women that were put in a situation that neither of them wanted, and still even if it’s a hard situation… doing the right thing and being honest.”


Heartbreak is a reoccurring theme in a lot of Cam’s music.

“I feel like a little bit of pain adds to every song. You’ve got to have a reason to sing. There’s probably one song on the album just being in love with my husband, but the rest… they all have a little bit of darkness (laughs). I think the hardest part about kind of heartbreak is when you feel like you can’t talk about it out loud. When you’re so afraid of how painful it is that you kind of hide it in yourself. That’s when it can’t get better, and it can’t heal. It’s terrifying. Especially talking about things that are embarrassing to you, or maybe you’re the one that did the wrong thing. But every time you share… you feel better, and I think that’s what music does for people.”

What is that like to be vulnerable for thousands of people?

“It’s kind of bizarre if you think too hard about it. Normally I think you’re supposed to have a network of so many friends and acquaintances, but when you have this extended network, honestly it’s a lot more like how all of us are on social media where you connect good times, and bad times, and the whole time you’re getting responses from a lot more people than you normally would. And then watching everyone else’s ups and downs… I think if you take it too seriously, you get anxiety… like ‘what are people going to think of me?’ and ‘am I saying it right?’ and what you should be thinking is ‘am I figuring out what’s going on with me.'”

It’s bizarre to me that artists of your caliber can connect to so many people.

“Isn’t that amazing? That’s what I love about country music, too, is that it can be poetic, but the most important thing is are you saying it as truthfully and succinctly so that anyone who maybe grew up in a totally different area than you will still say, ‘oh my god my heart feels just like that.’ That’s something that’s so meaningful to be able to have that kind of reach. That’s what I really respect about the genre.”

What do you consider being successful in music?

“It’s about connecting with other human beings. For me, success comes from at the end of a show, doesn’t matter how many people, even if it’s one, comes up [to me] and wants to hug me and says, ‘I know how you feel and you get me.’ When I’m playing on stage… when you see peoples’ eyes, and you can see that you’re having a moment with them, they feel the same things that made you write the song, and that connection… I have not found anything else like that in any area of life… It feels very purposeful.”


feeling right at home @bimbos365club #bayarea ⚡️

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Back home. With my village. I didn’t cry onstage, you did. ☁️ #TheBestCoastTour

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Back home. With my village. I didn’t cry onstage, you did. ☁️ #TheBestCoastTour

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