Rising singer Ben Hazlewood rescues a “truly courageous and strong woman” in his new music video for “Drive On.”


Rising singer Ben Hazlewood rescues a “truly courageous and strong woman” in his new music video for “Drive On.”

Some times in life, we find ourselves wandering down the path of least resistance, but quite often that journey culminates into something out of character. In those fleeting moments, a seed of strength is planted, and a shift guides us towards achieving emotional freedom; a crossroads. That’s the premise behind budding musician Ben Hazlewood‘s new music video for the inspiring anthem “Drive On,” which details an abusive relationship a close friend of his recently endured.

“[The relationship] was something that she had been so unhappy in for such a long time, but couldn’t bring herself to end it,” Hazlewood tells BreatheHeavy of the song. “It was emotionally abusive from the start and she began to withdraw from everything as a result. I had always let her know I would be there for her whatever she decided. Once it became physically abusive, she made the decision to leave and I just remember being in the car after I picked her up and her saying:

‘I don’t care where we go, just drive.’


Hazlewood wanted to “show the story of fear, control and intimidation leading to a brave and courageous choice to escape from a dark and oppressive place” in the music video for “Drive On,” which premieres on BreatheHeavy.com today (Nov. 30). The clip shows a woman at a bar with her abusive significant other. Before they head home, she passes Hazlewood a somber glance. From there, it’s a run for her life.

“I want people to feel a sense of freedom and release through the story of this song,” he adds. “I would like to think that it could inspire courage in anyone to make hard or difficult decisions to put themselves in a safer more positive place, whether that be emotionally or physically.”


“Drive On” will land on Hazlewood’s forthcoming EP, which drops in the spring.

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