Bellamy Brothers Issue Statement Regarding HIAM Lyrics

February 21, 2011 By Jordan Miller

The Bellamy Brothers, who wrote a song called “If I said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me” in 1979, released a statement about their pending legal action against Britney and Dr. Luke & Max Martin for the production of Hold It Against Me.

Bottom line is they think it’s too similar, and have submitted the two songs to a “renowned musicologist for evaluation and expert opinion” because they’d like to sue for copyright infringement. The statement says:


“In my opinion, it is not necessarily the similarity of the titles that is of legal concern. This would be more of a trademark issue. Rather, the issue is whether or not the exact lyrics “would you hold it against me” are used in the same way in the hook of the song. It becomes somewhat uncanny if you simply double the beat of the Bellamy Brothers’ song and match it up with Britney’s version. Literally thousands of fans for both artists have also taken notice. They are scratching their heads questioning whether or not Britney’s song “lifted” part of the song previously written by David Bellamy. But for me, the scale tips substantially in knowing that Dr. Luke not only co-produced Britney’s song with Max Martin, but that Dr. Luke also co-wrote the song with Max Martin and others.

This isn’t the first time Max Martin and Dr. Luke have been accused of copyright infringement.

Dr. Luke was sued in 2007 for copyright infringement along with Avril Lavigne and her record label for “lifting” portions of Avril’s hit song “Girlfriend.” The suit subsequently settled in 2008. There is also a current Katy Perry song that features Snoop Dogg called “California Gurls” produced and co-written by Dr. Luke and Max Martin (among other writers, including Katy Perry) where The Beach Boys’ record label has filed a diminutive claim against the writers and publishers of the song for credit and royalties. Dr. Luke was party to yet another copyright infringement suit in 2008 for the song “Feels Like Tonight” by Daughtry. Although this is not conclusive evidence that Dr. Luke intentionally lifted a phrase from a Bellamy Brothers song, it certainly shows a possible pattern and warrants a more serious look into the matter.”

They conclude their statement with a little ray of sunshine, adding: “From here, it is just a matter of trying to work things out amicably with everyone involved.”

It’s Britney, *****! Face it: your last hit was 30 years ago and you’re irrelevant except for the small press you’re receiving for your latest attempt to sue the biggest pop star in the world.

The public is NOT on your side!!!