Bella Thorne Stars In Liam Payne’s “Bedroom Floor” Video

November 6, 2017 By Jordan Miller

Bella is over it.

Bella Thorne is tired of getting played in Liam Payne’s “Bedroom Floor” music video.

I’ll be honest, when I heard “Strip That Down,” I feared for Liam’s solo career. The song performed well chart-wise, but his fanbase is massive and active, so anything he releases will do well by the books. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good, but “Bedroom Floor” thankfully is, and it’s got a new music video for it out today (Nov. 6).

The clip stars Bella Thorne. Here’s her Wikipedia page. In it, she and a love interest are nearing a breakup, but she’s patient. That is, until the actress finds her SO flirting with yet another basic ***** at a party in the Hollywood Hills. Meanwhile, Liam is always nearby. Watching. Gazing. It’s kind of cute, in that creepy stalkerish kind of way.

Give the “Bedroom Floor” video a play below:

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