Beliebers Create Boycott Justin Campaign After The Re-birth Of Jelena

Justin Bieber’s fans are turning on him thanks to his newly re-kindled romance with on-again off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Beliebers created the #ignorejustinproject Sunday night because they feel he’s placing all his attention on his girl and not his fans.

The two were spotted out publicly over the weekend getting dinner and a movie.

It received so much attention it became a world-wide trending topic on Twitter Monday morning. Some fans became outraged and rightfully embarrassed and created the #isupportjustinproject to counter it. That began trending as well.

Examples of crazy include:

It’s funny when your own fanbase lashes out at you for simply living your own life. Leave the guy alone! When he transforms into Jelena he’s not drag racing and guzzling sizzurp, so I approve!

Who’s side are YOU on?