Britney Spears is never seen behind the wheel of a car in public anymore. But inside her gated community, neighbors say Brit kills time by using the cul-de-sacs as her own private speedway.

One neighbor tells E! News “Britney seriously drives every afternoon around the neighborhood over and over – like back and forth from her house to the gate to her house, spins around the cul-de-sac and back to the gate. At like 50 miles an hour!”

This high-speed pacing only adds to our image of Brit as a caged animal, yearning to be free… but too much of a menace to herself and society to be let loose.

The neighbor worries Brit is driving too erratically, adding: “She’s kind of like a maniac. It’s very weird, and I’m scared she’s going to run over one of my kids.”

Consider yourself lucky, neighbor. At least she isn’t offering them rides.


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