Me and my big mouth. Just when I make fun of her official website, they go and throw us some new, relevant pictures of Britney in Japan! Now I feel bad! OK, not really.

I wonder how Britney feels now that she’s away from the paps, to have her own team snapping her pic. Luckily, Brit was in good spirits and looks like she’s enjoying herself whilst in Japan – taking a stroll with her assistant and enjoying some lunch. Have fun, Britney! And good luck on your performances! Click below to view:

PS – December 13th, Valentine’s Day. Same thing!

PPS – Britney’s jacket is by Ben Sherman. OK OK, I plugged it – now send me some free clothes! I kid. Again, not really.

PPPS – I love that she’s flipping off the camera in the first picture. She’s over it; you tell em, Brit!

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