International singing sensation Becky G files a $100 million lawsuit against Dr. Luke’s bottled water company.

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Dr. Luke will spend his entire life in court. The producer, who’s embroiled in a nasty ongoing lawsuit with Kesha, has another pop star to contend with.

Becky G, who’s signed to Luke’s label, Kemosabe Records (an imprint of RCA), is taking one of Luke’s companies named Core to court over a sour business deal.

According to TMZ, Becky claims the producer promised 50,000 shares of stock in Core. Dr. Luke owns a significant portion of the company. Keurig Dr Pepper is currently in the process of buying out Core for $525 million.

In court docs, Becky says she acted as a “singing billboard” for Core, and feels Luke pressured her into promoting the brand on social media and in her music videos. She claims there was an understanding that if she didn’t, he’d delay her music from materializing. TMZ says she was under the impression he would “squash” her career.

Dr. Luke intimate a singer? Never!

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“Dr. Luke made it clear both directly and implicitly that [her] ability to have a music career would be tied to [her] continuing involvement in promoting Core,” Becky’s lawsuit reads.

It’s worth mentioning Becky is not directly suing Dr. Luke, but in the court docs she labels him a bad guy. If the “Shower” singer gets her way funds – a payout of 20% – 50% of the company’s total assets – she could be looking at banking upwards of $260 million.

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