Doesn’t it feel good?

Up and coming singer Becca Richardson premieres her new song “Wanted” on

“Doesn’t it feel good to be wanted?” It’s the takeaway lyric from Richardson’s latest release, which finds the singer-songwriter contemplating her public and private personas over a low-key guitar melody.

“When I wrote ‘Wanted,’ I was ruminating on these two different sides of myself, the public and the private versions of me,” she tells “I was having a lot of conversations with my friends about social media and how depressed it makes us most of the time. We live in a time where we can carefully craft the image of ourselves we share with our friends, family, and followers. And we invent narratives about other people’s lives from their Instagram story or twitter feed, thinking we know their reality. The song is about that disconnect, and how addictive and destructive it can be.”

In the digital age, people show only what they want others to see – a skewed perception of their world – we’re all guilty of it. “Our public lives are inherently a performance,” Richardson continues. “I wish we could collectively accept that a lot of what we observe is a fun house mirror of the truth and not let it dictate our self worth.”

Give “Wanted” a spin below:

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