X Factor contestant Beatrice Miller felt her first real taste of fame on Thursday after telling reporters she disliked the song choice Britney picked for her on the Divas episode and felt Britney didn’t care about her opinion.

Some Britney fans cyber-bullied the 13-year-old on Twitter, pressuring Bea to write a follow-up about her statements.

I know my reaction to being 8th tonight was immature and I apologize, sometimes I hide my sadness with attitude. I’ll be better next week 🙂

I WAS NOT BAD MOUTHING BRITNEY! I love her so much! I just didn’t think she chose the right song for me. That’s all!

Any suggestions for an upbeat song that has deep meaning behind it? I want to please my bealievers next week! 🙂

It’s pretty sad some Britney fans harassed her because she didn’t kiss the ground Britney walks on for a second and expressed her true feelings about Wednesday’s episode.

High-five to Beatrice for handling it like a pro.

Anyway, Beatrice wants to know what song she should sing next week? I’m leaning towards Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic”. What do YOU think?

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