Distorted love.


Bea Miller released an acoustic version of “Song Like You.”


Bea Miller has had it in the new visual for “Song Like You.”

The budding pop star released the first of three EPs leading up to her album this week. It’s titled Chapter One: Blue and features three new tunes: “Song Like You,” “Burning Bridges,” and “I Can’t Breathe,” the first of which gets a proper music video out today.

Miller’s artistic growth is evident in the mini followup to 2015’s Not an Apology. She’s growing into a young woman right before our very eyes, and the music reflects it. In her new video, Miller’s relationship with a SO goes downhill quick. At times, she’s arguing with the distorted character, other moments the 18-year-old is facing the crippling struggle of heartbreak on her own.

The distortion “was meant to symbolize trying to scratch somebody out of your memory but being unable to,” Miller said. The blue flowers represent “trying to make up for a wrong with something beautiful, and that I accepted it for too long.”

Watch the video and stream the EP below:

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