The Backstreet Boys’ new album, DNA, tops the Billboard 200 chart.

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Oh happy day! Pop music is alive and well. The Backstreet Boys’ new album, DNA, is a glimmering beacon of light. Their latest release, the first since 2013’s In a World Like This, not only hit No. 1, but chart placement aside it sold astoundingly well.

According to Billboard, DNA sold 234,000 equivalent album units, 227,000 of which account for album sales. It’s worth mentioning a majority of those sales stem from BSB’s ticket sales/album redemption offer. Meaning, fans who bought tickets to see them at their upcoming arena tour this summer were also buying the album. We love a marketing plan.

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One other interesting statistic about the boys’ feat is this new No. 1 marks the first chart topper for a pop album since Justin Timberlake’s Man Of The Woods debuted nearly a year ago.

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The last time the Backstreet Boys hit No. 1 with an album was when Black & Blue took the top spot for two weeks in December of 2000.

Backstreet’s back, alright!

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