“Baby One More Time” Music Video Vevo Certified!

April 19, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Certify me baby one more time!

The “Baby One More Time” music video is officially Vevo Certified, passing the 100 million views mark!

Thanks to the Britney Army & Exhale’s relentless efforts to watch and re-watch Brit’s first music video ever, her iconic premiere vid joins the ranks with “I Wanna Go,” “Womanizer,” “Scream & Shout” “Work *****” and “Till The World Ends.”

It took nearly four months to rack up 10 million views (12/29/2013: 90,902,615), but as of 9 pm PST Saturday night, the video reached 100,021,284 views!

Congratulations Britney and the Britney Army. We rock!

“Toxic,” you’re next.