Britney, Jamie, Bryan, Brett, and the bodyguard (someone find out his name) are still at Serenity this afternoon after being at the hospital for the birth of Jamie Lynn’s new baby Maddie Bryann earlier this morning.

Personal chef Jamie opted out of cooking this afternoon, and instead sent out the assistant Brett to grab a healthy meal of Sonic for the group. The good news is police have been “cracking down” on paparazzi in Kentwood. Why they don’t crack down in L.A. beats me…

According to, “the local police have been getting very tough with local photographers, cracking down on anyone with a camera… They’ve been threatening paps with arrests if they don’t vacate the area.”

Lynne is reportedly still at the Southwest Regional Medical Center in McComb looking after Jamie Lynn and new granddaughter.

Can’t say it enough: CONGRATS!

PS – check out the new happy couple Bryan & Brett shopping at a local convenient store in Kentwood this afternoon. I hear they’re going out – shackin it up. So is this trip for business or pleasure? I tried combining their names but it’s not working out this time…

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UPDATE: Casey & Lynne were the only ones in the operating room while Jamie Lynn gave birth. Britney “waited outside anxiously” according to Britney “made a big difference” and helped a ton — giving her advice, support and encouragement. “The family is thrilled that baby Maddie is ‘happy, healthy and gorgeous.'” The family is “closer than ever.”

Jamie Lynn is expected to remain in the hospital for several days.

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