‘B In The Mix’ has yet to hit charts, after it’s debut release last week on November 22, 2005. Fans claim the remixed disc set is hard to find in stores, due to lack of promotion by Britney’s record company ‘Jive.’ Fans in the UK seem to have the same problem with finding the disc due to low promotion as well as expensive prices. The CD was released today (November 28, 2005 in Europe.) Currently, ‘B In The Mix’ is not in the top 50. Britney’s next studio album is rumored to be released spring-time 2006, entitled “The Original Doll.” Currently Britney has two postions on the charts for songs on mediabase, and the results are as follows:

267 139 BRITNEY SPEARS And Then We Kiss 31 7 24 0.308
468 142 BRITNEY SPEARS Toxic (2005 Remix) 30 2 28 0.124

With more promotion in the future, Britney is bound to sell more. Recently, “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative” surpassed the 5 million mark worldwide.

– BreatheHeavy.com

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