Azealia Banks Is Trying To Start A Feud Between Nicki Minaj And Cardi B

February 28, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Azealia Banks is trying to pit Nicki Minaj against Cardi B. And just entirely skull drags Remy Ma.

Azealia Banks is trying to pit Nicki Minaj against Cardi B. And just entirely skull drags Remy Ma.

Banks is the gift that keeps on giving. Her big mouth has literally destroyed her career, but there’s no denying she knows how to create good music. That’s her only saving grace, but she just can’t seem to get out of her own way. Today (Feb. 28) is another prime example of that.

The ice princess is advising Nicki Minaj on an album release date strategy in order to affect Cardi B’s record sales. Let me explain…

Nicki Minaj Is In Hiding To Focus On Finishing Up Her “Epic” New Album

Cardi posted a story on Instagram explaining why her album is taking longer than expected to debut. A follower took a screenshot and posted it. Banks found that and commented on it (see below).

“Nicki better push back to spring 2019,” she wrote. “She has the fan base to validate it.”

Here’s where it gets good. Banks says if Cardi decides on a summer release, Minaj should drop it immediately after – to try and dilute Cardi’s sales.

“If Cardi’s album isn’t out by this summer absolutely no one will care by the time nicki has starved her out. But, if Cardi drops this summer, Nicki better drop RIGHT on back off her.”

Azealia also threw major shade at Remy Ma for no apparent reason. A kii. “Remy’s album will get overlooked simply because she’s too masculine to battle with any of the leading names in female rap and her taste in beats also *****,” she continued. “She’s really not a factor here.”

Meanwhile, AB isn’t concerned about any of them when it comes to her own music. Her upcoming project, Fantasea II: The Second Wave, is reportedly out in March.

“All jokes aside,” Banks wrote on Instagram. “Azealia Banks will have the album of the year across all genres. I will have the best female rap album this year and for years to come. Broke with Expensive Taste is miles ahead of anything any currently active female rapper is doing, has done or will do for the next 20 years, and Fantasea Two will be a reconfirmation of the fact that I am one of the most talented women in music, PERIOD. Absolutely no shade to female rap…but this is and has been my art war since ‘212’ dropped. I’m the only true artful competition in female rap. I’m entirely too versatile… entirely too limber of a mind to be beat.”

Nicki, Cardi and Remy are somewhere cackling; the only one shook here is AB.


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