Azealia Banks is letting her music do the talking, again.

The controversial rapper is on a Twitter break for her career’s sake Lent but has released a teaser of the “webcam-driven interactive” video for her new single “Wallace.”

Banks is utilising her silence to put the focus back on her music and has collaborated with Google Cloud Platform for the new visual, directed by Nick Ace and Rob Soucy.

“Wallace” replaces “Ice Princess” as the fourth single from the brilliant “Broke With Expensive Taste” but I’m sure both will be receiving the single treatment since a video has already been shot for the latter.

Azealia was also the centre of a hilarious SNL skit at the weekend that focused on her ongoing feud with Iggy Azalea (below).

The skit showed fake Azalea and fake Azealia address their longtime beef set on “the little blonde cutie pie” Iggy’s talk show, but it mainly made fun of the Australian rapper’s problematic accent/career.

Is #PoorIggy the new #PoorMichelle?

Are you happy to see Azealia back?