Banks also reveals her musical timeline this year.


Rihanna puff, puff, passed on this Azealia Banks demo.

Banks hosted a live-stream on Periscope Wednesday night, previewing several songs from unreleased projects… including a track meant for Rihanna.

“You wanna hear one of the songs I did for, what’s this *****, antioxidant?”

Banks has previously referred to ANTi as “antioxidant.”

Banks also teased a song from Business and Pleasure, the project slated for after the Fantasea II mixtape.

Banks revealed “The Big Big Beat” video and a wider release of Slay-Z are in the works, but were delayed because she’s about to sign a new distribution deal, reports Pitchfork. She plans on dropping Fantasea II after a summer tour, with Business and Pleasure slated for next fall or winter.

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