She also calls them *******.

Azealia Banks Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj & Miley Cyrus Make "Basic Music"

Azealia Banks goes in on music’s leading ladies.

Banks is notorious for Tweeting the first thing that comes to mind, and she illustrates that point furiously on Wednesday (Sep. 2) when she blasted Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj & Miley Cyrus for making “basic” music. She points out the ladies share public feuds, whether it’s Swift and Minaj’s initial Video Of The Year disagreement, or Cyrus and Minaj’s scuffle at the awards show, and Banks wants in.

She posted, “It’s so funny to wake up and see nicki and Miley or nicki and taylor fighting when you ALL make basic *** music. it’s a ki !!! All of y’all ******* are whack and make boring music and rip all ur styles off the downtown NYC girls.”

The irony is too much. She finds the idea of feuding hilarious yet pits herself against other women in music and calls them ‘*******.’ Hilarity aside, we imagine Minaj will choose to ignore the latest round of disses from Banks because while Banks is home firing off Tweets since the dissolution of her tour, Minaj is engaged with the Pinkprint tour and performing at the VMAs. Meanwhile, Cyrus and Swift are asking, ‘WHO?’

Mission accomplished, Banks. You’re on the blogs.