Can’t even make this stuff up.

Azealia Banks Says "Whiteness May Be A Mental Illness"

Azealia Banks calls it like she sees it.

A video of Banks cursing out a flight attendant and calling him a “******* ******” then spitting in another man’s face went viral this week, and Banks remains unapologetic. Soon after, Banks used the publicity to promote her music via Twitter, but the backlash was apparently too much. In an effort to defend herself, Banks unleashed her racial fury today (Sep. 24), and left us a bit speechless.

She posted on Twitter today: “Whiteness may be a mental Illness. the general disregard for other people’s struggle that white folk generally have is not of this earth.”

Need a recap of what went down earlier this week that’s causing Banks to spiral?

A passenger sitting next to Banks tells TMZ, when the Delta flight landed just before 1 AM Tuesday, Azealia made a beeline for the front door. She had been sitting in seat 6A but a French couple in the 3rd row was blocking her exit as they pulled their luggage from the overhead bin.

The eyewitness says Azealia tried to squeeze by the couple when the French man put his hand out. Azealia went nuts. The eyewitness says she spit in the man’s face, punched him in the face and clawed at his shirt.

At that point the flight attendant grabbed Azealia’s bag and told her to calm down. She lost her balance, fell to the seat, stood up and then a tug-of-war over the luggage ensued. This is where the video begins.

Azealia demands to take her bag and leave, and eventually calls the flight attendant a “f***ing f***ot” — a homophobic slur.

The the co-pilot came out and told Azealia the police were called. She then ran off the plane, dropping her cell phone.

Police caught up with Azealia at baggage claim and spoke with witnesses as well, but the French couple decided not to press charges because they were here on holiday and didn’t want the hassle.

Azealia claims the French man actually hit her in the face. She adds, “I don’t tolerate bitchassness and I don’t tolerate men putting their hands on me.”

Here’s a visual of it: