Azealia Banks Says Her Collab With Iggy Azalea Is “Officially On”

July 11, 2017 By Jordan Miller

“You guys aren’t ready …”

“You guys aren’t ready …”

In case you missed it… Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks’ are friends now. The two squashed their beef and have decided to collaborate on a song together.

After Iggy announced the not-so-secret project, Banks posted a note on Instagram saying while she was flattered, she couldn’t commit until she heard the track first.

“Iggy and I haven’t officially agreed to collaborate just yet,” she said at the time. “Although SUPER flattering, her announcement was very premature, as I have still yet to hear which track it is she would me to feature on!”

It appears the ladies have worked out the details. Banks hopped on Twitter today (July 11) to share the news:

“I got the track from @IGGYAZALEA .. it’s officially on,” she wrote. “I had a first listen, and …. pfft. You guys aren’t ready …”

The timing of it all is precarious; Iggy just revealed she’s not releasing any more songs off Digital Distortion. It’s not clear where the song will land or if it’s a random one-off release, but something tells me this won’t end well.

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