Banks is offering her new mixtape for free.


After announcing she’s escaping Twitter’s death grip for good, Azealia Banks is back and sharing her new music.

She made it a whole 16 days before her return to Twitter, but Banks only has so many platforms to make waves. Fortunately, she held off on any spiteful remarks in lieu of some important information: her new mixtape titled Slay-Z is available for download for free. The body of work includes the previously released “Big Big Beat” and a track featuring Rick Ross.

Azealia Tells Iggy To “Drive Right Off The Canyon”

Azalea Tweeted: “Hey Guys, so i recently fired my engineer because every time i came to the studio he was under the influence and he’s spitefully leaking slay-z, but guess what?!” Those two Tweets were since deleted. She continued with a link to download the mixtape free of charge…

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